Welcome to SmallSats @ Goddard Space Flight Center! Goddard has been actively engaged in the SmallSat community for well over a decade, with significant achievements at each of its three main campuses: the main campus in Greenbelt, MD, Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, and the Katherine Johnson IV&V Facility in West Virginia.

Like much of the Smallsat community, Goddard has been working for years on SmallSats that have, for the most part, been "CubeSats". CubeSats are largely defined as small spacecraft that can be contained in dispensers allowing from 1U to 12U spacecraft to be deployed. Our vision for the future, however, involves expanding our capabilities to utilize larger "SmallSats" that are not constrained by "U-class" dispensers; while this increases the complexity and the cost, it most importantly increases our ability to support our science goals. We will continue to demonstrate our expertise in flying science on small platforms but with a greater eye towards partnerships with industry, while also developing new missions that take advantage of larger and more complex architectures, such as those afforded by designing to the EELV Standard Payload Adapter (ESPA) configuration. And we will embark on exciting missions utilizing Distributed Mission Architectures, also known in the commercial world as Constellations, expanding science capabilities through unique and innovative multi-spacecraft missions.

We will also continue to be a leader in development and demonstration of small satellite technologies and will provide expertise and support to our primary stakeholder in this endeavor, the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) at NASA Headquarters.