Careers at NASA

STEM and Internships Goddard is one of 10 NASA Centers that work with NASA’s Office of STEM engagement to strengthen public understanding by enabling powerful connections to NASA’s mission and work and in building a diverse future STEM workforce by engaging students in authentic learning experiences with NASA’s people and content. Across its three campuses (in VA, NY, WV) we offer learners a variety of experiential learning opportunities through shadowing for career exploration; externships, extended hands-on research experiences; capstones and STEM intermurals; summer immersions for under-served students, professional development and competitions and challenges by partnering with learning institutions and organizations.

Jobs at Goddard We also offer internships… Being an astronaut isn’t the only cool thing about space. Interns use their creativity and innovation to work on projects impacting NASA’s mission, such as returning to the Moon by 2024. As a NASA intern, you will be part of an amazing team that is dedicated to space exploration. You will work with leading experts and gain valuable experience as you participate in research and mission projects. Come dream with us and change the future. We have a variety of internship options for you to consider. Applicants for this internship must be U.S. citizens. Apply at

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