Small Satellite Seminar Series

The Small Satellite Seminar is a series of bi-weekly, virtual, and typically interactive presentations by SmallSat vendors and other organizations, moderated by the GSFC SmallSat Chief Engineer.

It was created to bring awareness of the current state of the art for the CubeSat and ESPA-Class SmallSat industry to NASA. With a focus on complete bus solutions, the seminar has grown from a small group at GSFC to a broader agency audience. Attendees include scientists, engineers, and managers, among others, at different career levels. Participation has created opportunities and awareness for future potential partnerships.

Prospective Audience Members: The Small Satellite Seminar is open to everyone with a NASA badge. Anyone interested in attending may submit their contact information using the Participant Form below to be added to the distribution list for invitations and other announcements, such as presentation slides availability. (Please note that due to proprietary information concerns, some presentations may be limited to Civil Servants at the discretion of the presenter.)

SmallSat Vendors and Organizations interested in presenting may also fill out the Participant Form below.

SmallSat Seminar Resources

NEN Small Spacecraft Community of Practice

(NASA Internal) A repository for Seminar presentation videos and slides.

Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute

A NASA resource for innovative approaches to Small Spacecraft Systems through multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary virtual collaboration.

GSFC SmallSats – Coming Soon

(NASA Internal) Additional seminar resources such as past and future seminar information.

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