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Welcome to the GSFC SmallSat Virtual Conference landing page!

Within these pages you can get a glimpse of Goddard’s efforts to participate and lead in the continuing evolution of small satellites.   After over ten years of engagement with the small satellite community, Goddard formed the Small Satellite Project Office in 2017 with the goal of centralizing and focusing our efforts as the community transitions from “U-class” Cubesats to “Life Beyond the ‘U’” as we explore ESPA-class spacecraft and constellations of multiple smallsats.   Goddard has already been able to demonstrate that “big science” can be done in “small packages” and with more complex missions now in development we are even more committed to working with the larger small satellite community to expand the utility and reach of Smallsats.

Check out the tabs of our “virtual exhibit” above and learn more about our GSFC Smallsat team, as well as the missions that have defined Goddard’s role in the smallsat revolution; everything from missions currently on orbit to those in development and even a few “blasts from the past”.   You can also see a calendar with featured Goddard webinars and events occurring during the conference.   We have also included information on important technologies that have been developed at our Center and ways that you can engage with us, not to mention links to further information.   Throughout our site you will also see videos featuring our capabilities as well as video interviews with the Goddard Smallsat team.

Please check out our site and reach out to us with any questions or feedback!

Event Schedule

Join us for Live Webinars and Presentations scheduled throughout the week on a variety of SmallSats topics!


Connect with staff representing the NASA GSFC Small Satellite Project Office, Strategic Partnerships Office, and Space Communications and Navigation Office.

Smallsats @ GSFC

Learn all about current and past SmallSats missions and how they've played a role in supporting NASA's goals and objectives.

Technology & Capabilities

Take a glimpse at the latest NASA SmallSat technology and capabilities available for licensing.


Browse recently published articles, pamphlets, and magazines detailing various aspects of the NASA SmallSats community.

Media Gallery

View videos and images of the latest SmallSats missions and technologies.


Find out more information on Careers at Goddard including internship opportunities.


View our collection of 3D printer files, NASA materials, and open source software.